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Abstract Colour Therapy

Did you ever think why "XYZ' is your favourite color? What do you feel about colour "XYZ"? And maybe a few months down the line it's no more your favorite color? Excite your senses, enhance your mood, discover your dark side, understand the subconscious through ART THERAPY?


Material -

Get Ready with your supplies- Supplies you need- pen, pencil, and acrylic or oil or any other kind of paints, thick sheet of paper or canvas (You can use cardboard, piece of tile or a wooden platform as well)

Instructions - 

Sit comfortably! You may choose your favourite spot or that cozy corner, away from that extra noise. You may warm up by taking a few deep breaths, this might help you feel calmer, though no compulsion.


Hit that play button once you are ready.

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Disclaimer: These voice guides are made with an intention of keeping a pace that is comfortable for everyone and all age groups, but we request you to follow your own speed. You may hit that "Pause Button" if you need that little extra time for your feeling to flow. You may resume back again, once you are ready for the next step.

About the Therapy

Each colour on a spectrum might carry a different interpretation for someone. As the interpretation goes forth, memories and experiences come into play. Upon the synthesis of experiential factors and cultural aspects, colours dwell in an abstract state with personal meanings attached to them. Researchers have pointed out that colours evoke a variety of stimuli and reactions. Certain colours are energizing, while others are relaxing. Colours can thereby influence one's energy level, mood, appetite, emotions, and even decisiveness. However, the focus of Abstract Colour Therapy is to provide you with various mediums to synthesize the emotional state with different tones of colours to make the relationship with self a bit more discernible and coherent. Our therapists will also help you understand the importance of certain colours that you feel a connection with and how they can impact your daily life in terms of health, healing, inspiration, and relaxation.

For Assessment

Colours remain omnipresent. They are everywhere and go on to impact our psyche on a day-to-day basis, be they consciously or subconsciously. Abstract Colour Therapy is quite an extension of Chromotherapy that relies on the delivery of light. But it differs in the terms that one must experiment with colours by mixing, creating fluid art, or even colouring in line and creating textures. Usually, the light enters the eyes to get into our body and impact our brain. Assessments are subjective; they can start with baseline interpretation. Once there is a progression with the usage of colours, more complex associations can be pondered upon, and further relaxation & mindfulness techniques can be practiced.  


This therapy helped me get rid of my anger and recognize what was actually hurting me in just a few minutes.


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