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Secret Window

What mask are you wearing today? Does wearing a mask make you feel safer? Discovering through ART what is overpowering - Your hidden self or true self?


Material -

Get Ready with your supplies- Supplies you need - pen, pencil, and colours of your own choice/Tag on /Sticky note/paper chits and a notebook.

Instructions - 

Sit comfortably! You may choose your favourite spot or that cozy corner, away from that extra noise. You may warm up by taking a few deep breaths, this might help you feel calmer, though no compulsion.


Hit that play button once you are ready.

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Disclaimer: These voice guides are made with an intention of keeping a pace that is comfortable for everyone and all age groups, but we request you to follow your own speed. You may hit that "Pause Button" if you need that little extra time for your feeling to flow. You may resume back again, once you are ready for the next step.

About the Therapy

A secret window is a self-discovery approach. A window serves as a barrier between the spectator and the world beyond. This two-sided device serves as a visual link between the interior and the outside world. The two sides (frames) of the window are thought to represent two sides of one's personality: the one that the rest of the world knows about (outside frame) and the one that only you know about (hidden side). The aim is to recognize the two parts of oneself. The goal here is to bring the two sides together and make them comparable, if not identical. Come look through the window with us!

For Assessment

Sometimes taking a step back and sitting alone to cut off from social surroundings can benefit and enhance your thought process for a rich inner existence. This in turn can make you become more of an observer than a participant when you do not engage so much with their external world and pause. People who have an introverted personality, often are seen to have abundant thoughts and ideas that govern their thought process. This also allows the therapist to gain a better understanding of the person's inner world. The only way to be conscious of oneself is to be in tune inside-out. This approach can be used to draw the two ‘visible and the hidden’ sides of an individual’s personality and therefore, portraits through secret windows are used by therapists to facilitate harmony between the two sides of one’s personality.

Future Benefits

Rather than just showing oneself, creating a window is acknowledging the two sides of the same person. One is requested to draw the two sides of the window by labeling them with appropriate adjectives as a metaphor for strikingly distinct personalities. This facilitates access to a person's inner emotional world, along with how they reflect outside their comfort zone. It will be a relief to be able to bridge the gap between the two sides when this window opens. This expressive art technique projects a contrast between, how we see ourselves? and how do we want the world to see us? It allows them to explore their own interests, skills, deepest darkest secrets, challenges, complexes, and pleasures to be more thoughtful and meaningful. It encourages insight that further enables you to make more informed choices, decisions and inculcates self-assurance and self-awareness and gets rid of inferiority complexes.

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