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Statistics show that mental illness affects 18% of the world's population which translates to 970 million people, which is a pretty significant number. India has the world's second-highest suicide rate while 1of every 7 Indians suffer from mental illnesses, which is rapidly approaching 1 in every 5. 

Apart from stress, sadness, and anxiety, chronic illness, cancer, substance abuse, infertility, Alzheimer's, learning and physical disabilities are at an all-time high, and we are not equipped with measuring their impact on our ecosystem. Which is a major point of concern. People view therapy as expensive and time-consuming owing to the lack of awareness and acceptance and hence cannot distance themselves from disturbing surroundings which is the need of the hour.

Watercolor Paint

Our Story



While 18% of the population suffers from mental diseases of different types, barely 10-12% seek help for their mental health issues leaving 1/3rd of the people out of this equation. With our tools of Happiness - Pen, paper, pencil and some colors. We aspire to bridge this existing gap of communication through the means of a non-verbal conversation. Verbal expression of yourself is sometimes tricky and may not always be the ideal part of the healing process. Talking enables you to filter out certain emotions and only say what you wish to, but non-verbal communication truly expresses your innate self without conscious effort. We target four main key areas to bring out the best in seven dimensions of wellness.

Mental - helps in healing and recognizing the problem

Emotional - Happy Hormones, boosting self-confidence and self-esteem

Physical - helps in movement and social interaction

Spiritual - self-awareness


Our Art Therapy voice guide, consultations, wellness programs, and therapy kits to hospitals protect against cognitive impairment and functional decline, build neuroplasticity, and aid in total healing of all the seven dimensions of wellbeing. They are proven to be more effective than meditation and medicine. Developing stress-management abilities, increasing self-awareness, focusing on the present, mitigating negative emotions, and enhancing imagination and creativity, thereby, increasing patience and tolerance are the norm at Happy Hikkups.


Art as Therapy, or Therapeutic Art Making, can involve socialization; however, because the function of an instructor differs from that of a therapist, they do not involve a traditional client/therapist relationship.

Art in Treatment, also known as Art Psychotherapy, is a type of therapy in which a trained art therapist guides a client through art exercises that promote emotional, artistic, and spiritual growth.

Communities in India are currently confronted with challenges that have long-term psychological, emotional, and physical consequences. (This is referred to as "Failure to Thrive" by the World Health Organization.)

Many people are unsure why they should choose Art Therapy as a healing alternative. So here we are, answering all of your questions.

Art Gallery


- Using art therapy to communicate a story without using words might assist therapists to comprehend underlying thoughts and emotions that traditional talking therapies may not reveal.

- You will be able to experience catharsis as a result of self-expression. This is the simplest and most direct approach to express.

- Acts as a springboard for having that conversation with your therapist. This puts the person in charge and allows them to progress through therapy at their own pace, so they don't feel overwhelmed.

- Practicing awareness for people who find it difficult to meditate.

- It helps in fulfilling the lack of empathy and eye contact maintenance when traumatized.

- Enhancing memory and Increasing psychological abilities.

- Understanding psychological concepts are essential in assisting the transformation of thought patterns

About the Company Happy Hikkups


“Unplug to Unmute- Taking time to fix what is Broken!” 

At Happy Hikkups, we are committed to bring in different art forms together, to help you escape from the chaotic world. 

Our Art Therapy is all about supporting people to fight stress, anxiety, emotional reflexes, and even depression. 


With our audio instruction/voice guide, we help people to release their stress through symbols and metaphors, such as breathing through scribble, self-portrait, colour therapy, etc. 


We believe that Art Therapy is all about tapping into the ‘consciousness’ of your conscious mind. Art Therapy is facilitated by Art Therapists, to help foster self-expression, create coping skills to strengthen a sense of self. We consider Art therapy as the psychological use of the art media, and its creative process.


‘It is a confession to your truth Canvas and channelizing your Authentic Self’. 


It is not what happens during the process, but what happens afterward!

What we do as a Company ?


At Happy Hikkups, we raise mental health awareness through art in the process. We cater to art therapists & psychologists to bring them on our platform and provide you with the experience and best of their knowledge in the field of therapy. We provide unquestionable support to the participants, along with unconditional listening. 

We bring in different kinds of expressive art forms together and therapeutically practice them, by using the artistic process to help people explore different challenges and things they are facing in their lives.

We are the first of its kind platform which brings Art with Voice Guided Sessions to fight everyday stress and anxiety. Our on-spot art therapy sessions will help people to understand their situation and work accordingly and are easily accessible. 


We have a Standardized Assessments Process where we collect your artwork and your answers to get them accessed by some of the experienced people in the field of Art Therapy. 


Post assessment, we will share the directive with you to help you examine your thoughts differently. It is a platform where you can connect with the phycologists and the therapists who will help you analyze your thoughts and provide you consultation, as per your own will and convenience. 

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Why Choose Us ?


Voice-Guided Art

as Therapy


Privacy, Comfort and Choice

Community for Therapists



Raising ’Mental Health Awareness’ through ‘Art in Process’.


We bring mental health to your door.


Build a community of Art Therapy and Art Therapists where Mental Health is easily accessible and does not dig a hole in your pocket. Self-help without boring traditional ways.



Confidentiality and

Non-judgemental Platform

Meet the Founder

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Lavanya Rastogi
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Lavanya Rastogi is the Founder of Happy Hikkups, a platform that collaborates with art and therapy. She strongly believes in the magic of art and its positive impact on the human mind. 


Witnessing the world going more inclined towards mental health concerns, Lavanya became more inquisitive to contribute her bit by supporting people with her creative mind and ideas. She decided to help people by providing them with a tangible piece of their own emotions, through art as she believes that one can use this tangible substance to either break their trauma or make their future. 

While she was collaborating with several schools and corporate organizations, her events and activities were being appreciated as they acted as a catalyst for breaking the stress and anxiety. 

With the rising requests for more of the workshops, she explored and understood that she could bring change into people’s lives through art. By discovering the values, she learned that the process of making art can be turned into a cure and good cognitive health, therefore reviving Happy Hikkups with the vision to provide help for Mental Health concerns by practicing Art for Wellness and Mindfulness. 


A Company Secretary by profession, Lavanya has always been affectionate with art and the magic it creates. She created Happy Hikkups to provide a safe place to break up with your stress, anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, or any other psychological issue and move on by letting your mind wander in the river of your creativity and thoughtfulness.


She says -

​Art therapy gives you a Voice that is not just capable of being heard but also seen and therefore, it can leave a much greater impact and its impression can live up for years.

Just like we understand better when we see it in a form of a picture, sometimes creating a picture of our mind is required to declutter and put those pieces together just like a zig-jaw puzzle. It gives you a sense of authority and lets you be in control of your emotions. When you have everything on a piece of paper it becomes easier to assign each feeling, its place, and importance. Somehow, making it easier to cut-paste or even delete some of your emotions.

Art therapy can give you a tangible support system if practiced properly. It is different from the traditional methods practices like meditation and yoga; hence, it is even more fun to practice and explore.

"Art comes from the destruction of the myths, believes, rules, regulations of society and your complexes”. 


The world today is too full of fear, insecurities, and judgment to express any kind of emotion be it anger, love, sadness, desire, or dream. We need to create our own space to vent out our emotions, to feel whole at the end of the day when all this is over.

Why Happy Hikkups

We at Happy Hikkups provide people an escape to a happier, serene reality, by giving them a medium to express themselves. It is a powerful weapon for not only just preventing and battling illness but also improving one's well-being. 

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” —Pablo Picasso

In today’s time, art therapy is being increasingly used in hospitals, schools, rehab facilities, and senior centers. It is very much associated with mental health treatment, for adults and for children who are suffering from various chronic pediatric illnesses. This treatment provides various families and patients to cope up with hospitalization by providing them with suitable support.


Engaging in artmaking has inherent healing effects, and the therapeutic benefits of making art on our own, are not the same, as making it under the guidance of a credentialed art therapist. 

Just to make you understand, both are beneficial, but the outcome is different. Our therapists understand which art techniques and mediums would best address the specific needs and goals of clients, and then apply them strategically with the solution. 

Our Art Therapy strategies aim at providing a safe place to our patients who are exploring unpleasant feelings like fear, anger, restlessness, sadness, or illness. Our platform enables people to express their feelings which they are, otherwise, reluctant to talk about or discover their own hidden/unexplored thoughts.


This therapy also enables people to battle anxiety and depression by raising the level of serotonin (Happy Hormones). Also, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) symptoms could be relieved by visually expressing their traumatic events. Furthermore, art can also improve memory or dementia and reasoning in older people.

So, do not hesitate to get the help of professionals, through unplug to unmute art programs by Happy Hikkups.

The positive effects of art therapy, however, are not only limited to people with illness but are also recommended for perfectly healthy people for being more productive in their lives. This is somehow similar to those benefits which we gain from meditation.


We provide Voice-guided sessions which can be availed at your comfort and are pocket-friendly as well, which could be used for Healing, Self- analysis, and Counselling. You can simply log in and use our voice guides for awareness and reach mindfulness.

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