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The One

Relationships - "it's complicated". Your attraction or aversion to various personalities affects your relationships? Who is "the one" Let's see what the subconscious says about your relationship...​


Material -

Get Ready with your supplies- Supplies you need- pen, pencil, and colours of your own choice/Tag on /Sticky note/paper chits and a notebook.

Instructions - 

Sit comfortably! You may choose your favourite spot or that cozy corner, away from that extra noise. You may warm up by taking a few deep breaths, this might help you feel calmer, though no compulsion.


Hit that play button once you are ready.

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Disclaimer: These voice guides are made with an intention of keeping a pace that is comfortable for everyone and all age groups, but we request you to follow your own speed. You may hit that "Pause Button" if you need that little extra time for your feeling to flow. You may resume back again, once you are ready for the next step.

About the Therapy

Drawing one significant person that affects you or plays a major role in your life, provides insight into the deep levels of one's psyche and personality functioning. ‘The one’ can be psycho-dynamically analyzed into one’s brain. During this process, one acknowledges a variety of intrinsic emotions as they depict the person on the canvas. This helps in getting awareness about the nature of underlying feelings held towards the person who is considered to have significant influence in their lives.

For Assessment

Drawing the one is a projective test used as a form of expressive art therapy. This expressive art technique can have variations and works dynamically for the client as per their view of the figure they create. Each time the client pays attention to the canvas while drawing, there can be minute and intimate details that can be brought up. The humanistic potential of the technique encourages people to flush out emotions and impressions over the other person. The key factor while interpreting such drawings is to rely on the author's comments of the sketch and provide further guidance to them to articulate their feelings and emotions with more of a channelized approach.

Future Benefits

The most important takeaway from this therapeutic technique is that it equips a person with the realization of their emotions in a more systematic and connected way. A person might feel so many things at a time about somebody close to them. This technique aids them to take ownership of their feelings and also puts them in a perspective of where they stand in that relationship. During this process, the person gives shape to the tension of the experience dealing with. The client will be gradually equipped and will be able to run through various emotional juggernauts such as desires, fears, and memories to solidify the self to cope better in the future.

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