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Story Doodle

​Stress, Anxiety, discomfort, Problem-solving, coping skills - Everyone's talking about it! Exploring art therapy as a catharsis experience. Let's see what is your symbolic stress - abstractly, and your imagination of being in it and doing it all.


Material -

Get Ready with your supplies- Supplies you need- pen, pencil, and colours of your own choice/Tag on /Sticky note/paper chits and a notebook.​

Instructions - 

Sit comfortably! You may choose your favourite spot or that cozy corner, away from that extra noise. You may warm up by taking a few deep breaths, this might help you feel calmer, though no compulsion.


Hit that play button once you are ready.

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Disclaimer: These voice guides are made with an intention of keeping a pace that is comfortable for everyone and all age groups, but we request you to follow your own speed. You may hit that "Pause Button" if you need that little extra time for your feeling to flow. You may resume back again, once you are ready for the next step.

About the Therapy

Stories have played a significant role in everyone’s life since childhood. Stories sometimes are filled with warm personal details and help in networking amongst our peers and acquaintances. Stories made from curiosity and creative imaginary skills of our minds can be explored with the act of drawing random patterns and doodles filled with vivid shapes, colours, and lines. There is a need for people to remain ‘absolute’ even when weaving a story to achieve a sense of coherence. Sometimes there are unrealistic gaps in our imagination and dreams that cannot be filled no matter how hard we strive, that’s when doodles come into the picture. They help fill these gaps, possibly by activating the brain’s ‘time travel machine’. Hence allowing it to find lost pieces of the zig -Zaw puzzle of past memories and dreams for the future, bringing them to the present and giving the imagery of our lives a more wholesome outlook to define the present in a way that we are able to take a step towards that dream goal and admit our darkest desires.

For Assessment

This expressive technique instills meaning to self with various complimenting attributes that contribute to further imagination, relaxation and concentration, and healing. In any expressive art technique, perfectionism is not the key here. The focus is on how a person is relating with their story through these random lines and doodles, how a person is trying to express without getting into too many details and intricacies. The shapes, lines, objects drawn, the colour of ink used and the position of the scribble on the page can all provide insights into the state of mind, life outlook, vision, inhibitions, desires, etc. of an individual.

Future Benefits

The ability to use our imagination in such a flexible manner is one of the reasons why we have been creating doodles ever since we were cave-dwellers. This act of imagination provides us with a leap into possibilities and opportunities to approach memories and experiences with a touch of creativity and imagination. In other words, the act of doodling or storytelling through doodles for documenting life stories provides a space to people that is comforting. It helps relieve psychological agony, making it easier to attend to things with self-control and patience. Story doodling adds a habit of processing and expressing the emotions and not necessarily reacting to them. It helps in controlling impulsive reactions in a way that cooperates in unwinding even the less pleasant parts of life with a sense of creativity.

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