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1. What hours is Happy Hikkups open? 

The office schedule varies day to day. We have appointments available mostly on weekday afternoons  and evenings. Occasionally, Saturdays and Sundays are also available, depending on the availability  of our professionals. Once we find a time that works best, that will be ‘your’ spot. 

2. Is there a long waiting time? 

We usually take 24 to 48 working hours to provide you your assessment results. We try our best to be  on time because we don’t want you waiting around. If we are running behind, the therapists and  counsellors will get back to you shortly. 

3. Is it a primary treatment? 

We only use art as a tool for therapy. Art therapy should be considered as a secondary treatment and  shall not be treated as a replacement to the primary treatment or traditional ways of cure to mental or  physical illness. 

4. It is only for people suffering from mental sickness? 

It is for everyone. We have designed the voice guided art therapy sessions keeping in mind people  of all age groups and to promote mindfulness while exploring oneself. Our practise exercises promise  to help you achieve the state of Zen and well-being. Additionally, we provide professional help to  raise awareness on mental health.  

5. It is expensive? 

We provide the instructional audio as ‘unplug to unmute’ which are accessible to all. We also offer  our paid services for people willing to take help. 

6. Should I be ready to Cry? 

The sessions sometimes might be overwhelming and triggering, which totally depends on you.  Though, we recommend you keep a tissue and your eye makeup handy:P. It is always better to open  up and be completely honest with your therapist.  

7. How long are the sessions? 

Online practice sessions usually last between 5 to 15 minutes. And the professionally guided therapy  sessions may last from 30-60minutes. It is possible to have shorter sessions although you would be  surprised how fast time flies once we get started. 

8. What are your fees and how do you accept payment? 

We accept most major debit and credit cards and online payment modes. 

9. What to expect from our sessions? 

Along with Art therapy, we provide on-board therapy, counselling, and psychiatric services. Through  our “Unplug to Unmute Sessions” our UTU Mindfulness Professionals guide you to reach zen and  self-exploration. We most essentially provide you a Voice through a non-judgemental Art  Programme.


10. How do I set up an appointment? 

The first thing we need to do is make sure we are a good fit for each other. You have most likely  gone to a doctor and didn’t go back because you didn’t like his/her style. We don’t want that to  happen with us. We also want to make sure that we have the skills to help you. We will set up a time  to talk on the phone for about 5-10 minutes in order to get more information and you can ask any  questions you might have. If we are a good fit, we will then set up our first appointment. 

11. What is the best way to get in touch with my provider at Happy Hikkups?

Email or phone call is the easiest and fastest way to contact us. We will respond to you as soon as  possible and usually during typical business hours. We will only text / email you about appointments  and such similar matters (never about personal information).  

12. Does Happy Hikkups have a cancellation policy? 

Yes, we do. We ask for a 24-hour notice if you need to cancel an appointment. The full fee is charged  for no shows and late cancellations. It’s no fun to have to charge you for this but our time is important  and we want you to make therapy a priority. 

13. What kinds of people do you work with? 

We work best with age 12-65 who are struggling with anxiety, depression and/or trauma. They also  might be dealing with life changes and transitions such as divorce, aging parents, growing children,  relationship issues and low self-esteem. The people we work with might also be searching to find their  ‘true self’ and striving for self-improvement and actualization. 

14. What happens in the sessions? 

You are welcome to lie on the couch, but it is not required. Feel free to make yourself comfortable.  Take off your shoes and be comfortable. We provide online sessions accessible at your own comfort.  All you need is a pen and a paper to start.


15. No one is shrinking here 

The first several sessions are about getting your history and background, so we will be asking a lot of  questions. This is also a time for us to get to know each other and for you to begin to feel more  comfortable sharing. We will talk about your goals and come up with a plan. Mostly, we will be  talking. We might add some art into the session if you are working with or other expressive therapies  depending on your provider. This is a way for you to express yourself in a new way. Sometimes we  will give you homework. We might ask you to start journaling. We might recommend a book, too. 

16. What modalities does Happy Hikkups use? 

Traditional talk therapy and Art Therapy. 

17. We are psychiatrists? 

We shall connect you to a psychiatrist chosen by you. 

18. Do we provide psychiatric treatment? 

We act as an intermediary between you and the psychiatrist. Whereas we do not provide any direct  prescription for the same. 

19. How long will it take me to fix myself together? 

It really varies. If you have more issues or deeper issues, the time would be longer. Our sessions  might be once a week or every other week. We could get even more work done if we saw each other 


twice a week. We recommend the sessions to be practiced by children below 18yrs in guidance of  their parents. 

20. What about your Privacy? 

We respect your privacy and therefore you don’t have to worry about any information been shared  without your permission.  

21. What are the most common problems for which people seek your help?

Majority of my work includes depression and its effects, stress and anxiety, trauma, how to improve one’s personality, parenting skills as well as relationship problems. 

22. How do I select a psychologist? 

Selecting a psychologist can feel personal but it is like selecting any other professional. It is good to check the psychologist's training and experience. Talk to the psychologist before making an appointment and see how comfortable you feel. Ask questions about the services that will be provided, so you will not get into something different from what you expected. 

23. How often are therapy appointments scheduled? 

The frequency of therapy sessions depends on several factors such as the person and the nature of the problem that persists. It typically varies from 1-3 sessions per week, with the average being twice per week. The length of treatment sessions varies with each therapist but is usually between 45-60 minutes. 

24.What should I expect from my first session? 

The first session is usually spent discussing the issues that have brought you into therapy and the changes that you want to bring into your life. The session will start with taking preliminary details into account such as background history, for example, information about your family, social relationships, work history and any past counselling that you may have done. Based on this information, your psychologist will gain a better understanding of who you are and what might be triggering you. 

Prior to your first session, it can be helpful if you to ask yourself what changes you would like to make in your life. Afterall the aim of therapy is to work together to help you achieve those changes. 

25. How do you determine my problem? 

Your psychologist will conduct one or more interviews and may also make you complete one or more psychological test(s). A diagnosis is then made from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V-TR). 

26. How many sessions do I need? 

The therapy session is usually 60 minutes in length. How many sessions you require depends on different factors such as your situation, coping strategies you already use, your support network and any previous counselling you may have had. It can be discussed with your psychologist and a fair idea can be made after a few sessions on what they think is an appropriate time frame required by you to address your problems. 

27. Can sessions be held anywhere apart from your office? 

We can meet with you anywhere that provides us with privacy and allows for a therapeutic environment. It can be my office or your home. I am available for telephonic consultations along with Video/Audio calls.

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