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On average a single human loses 3-4 productive hours per day due to bad mental health conditions.

Creative Wellness Art Therapy


Programs by Happy Hikkups are tailored to improve Employee Health, optimize productivity, save time, boost employee morale, and make profits in the best interest of the organization. Our services offer support for building employees’ spirit through events driven by evidence-based results of the culmination of art and therapy.


The consequences of bad mental health condition in workforce

  • Increase in overall sickness absence, particularly frequent short periods of absence.

  • Poor mental health and physical condition (depression, stress, burnout, high blood pressure, heart disease, sleeping disorders, skin rashes, body ache.

  • Reduction in productivity and contribution to output.

  • Increase in error rates, poor decision-making, deterioration in planning and control.

  • Change in attitude and behavior and loss of motivation and commitment.

Role of Occupational health service

  • To identify work problems caused by mental ill-health

  • To take action to improve the health of employees

  • To assist employers in modifying the work and work environment

  • To enable employees to remain at work rather than withdraw


Our program enables employees to be

  • Highly Focused

  • Productive

  • Engaging’

  • Efficient

  • Communicative

  • Boost morale

But why should I avail the program?

Improving employees’ mental health during the pandemic is being recognized as a crucial business strategy by organizations globally. At Happy Hikkups, we assist you in maintaining workplace mental wellness by providing Art Therapy Workshops, whereas mentioning below the cost of poor mental health has three components:

  • The indirect cost to those who are not directly affected (carers).

  • The opportunity costs of income are foregone as a result of incapacity.

  • Indirect cost of physical health.

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