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Animal Reincarnation

Let ART THERAPY give wings to your imagination! Discover your deepest thoughts that you might have never explored or voiced.


Material -

Get Ready with your supplies- Supplies you need - pen, pencil, and colours of your choice, plain piece of paper, or a notebook.

Instructions - 

Sit comfortably! You may choose your favourite spot or that cozy corner, away from that extra noise. You may warm up by taking a few deep breaths, this might help you feel calmer, though no compulsion.


Hit that play button once you are ready.

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Disclaimer: These voice guides are made with an intention of keeping a pace that is comfortable for everyone and all age groups, but we request you to follow your own speed. You may hit that "Pause Button" if you need that little extra time for your feeling to flow. You may resume back again, once you are ready for the next step.

About the Therapy

The animal you admire, the animal you choose to sketch when asked to, reveals a lot about your present state of mind and personality. Animal Reincarnation gives you the freedom to draw, from selecting the sort of animal to recreating it with your imagination. When one is sketching, they may use a blank canvas on which they can paint their inner world or a self-image they portray about themselves. We would suggest you spend some time thinking about yourself, your personality, your strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, and what you appreciate about yourself. The animal you chose should exemplify the characteristics you see or wish to see within yourself. If no animal fits, it can be a fictional creature from your sight of imagination. This method asks the user to draw themselves as an animal by turning off the logic and reasoning behind and instead focusing on emotions and intentions. It elicits a wide range of responses from human psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science, philosophy, and others.

For Assessment

The clue lies in ‘nature’s need for diversity. Animal Reincarnation focuses on engaging with ideas for self, such as ‘self-worth’, ‘self-image’, ‘self-confidence’, ‘self-esteem’, ‘self-awareness’, and ‘self-actualization’. Humans are expected to feel connected to nature and therefore, animals have become a way of describing the personality traits they carry. Animals elicit a natural emotional response from us since they intrigue and fascinate us, hence they are of great interest. Hence, this process reconnects us with our congruences through a therapeutic process that has prominently emerged as a healing technique.

Future Benefits

The question ‘what is your spirit animal?’ has evolved into a form of ‘who are you? And what do you want from life? Always keep in mind the process involved and the creative investment it requires with such sessions. Creating an animal-inspired self-portrait can be time-consuming but consistency is the key to conquering anything. Emotional regulation and betterment are a process that does take time but is not an entirely impossible task. Gradually, the habits and choices of creating and engaging with expressive art techniques will make a difference in your lifestyle, which in return benefits you to realize your self-worth and significance. The very aim of this technique is to drop a reminder to not forget to sense your feelings. Let’s take a step to be courageous and fearless enough to become incredible!

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