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Emotional Healing

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

What is Emotional Healing? Does Emotional Healing matter so much? You might think that you could probably lock up your feelings and pretend as though nothing happened. And by doing this, you might feel that nobody will know that you are emotionally hurt.

This is what millennials currently think/do. But trust us when we say this, this is one of the biggest mistakes you could make. You think that nobody would know how you are feeling but you would know. Your heart would feel the pain every single day. You can pretend to be fine and drown yourself in your daily activities, but the pain you feel might never leave.


We all know that healing from emotional pain, agony, soreness, discomfort is more complicated than healing from physical pain. Our body knows how to feel and repair physical pain, but our brains often try to push aside and avoid the emotional pain. While it’s still there, most of us do not allow ourselves to acknowledge the pain and work through the emotional hurt, wounds, and injuries we feel.

Our society has conditioned us to bury those feelings and insists on being strong and resilient. But we all have emotional pain and agony, which cannot be healed by itself., If we do not choose to recognize, acknowledge, and treat it properly, like a physical wound or pain, you would only increase your suffering.

“A Problem well-stated is a problem half-solved”- Charles Franklin Kettering

Emotional Healing has the capability of taking complete command over your sore emotions, such that they do not meddle with your day-to-day life. Emotional healing paves way for you to understand the reasons behind your depression, anxiety, or any difficult situation that you are mentally in. Emotional healing helps you genuinely be happy, not only for yourself but also for people around you.

Healing is a cycle and as one completes a cycle of healing, there are chances of relapse if healing is not considered as an everyday process. It is the preparation phase all over again, and the process must be repeated all over again. As one returns to the beginning where they assess, evaluate, and spend time in understanding what worked the previous time and do it all over again.

This preparation phase requires a belief, a devotion to healing, the hope and vision one holds for the future. It is inside work and is often invisible. It is not always about the cheers you receive, rather it is the strength to take those slow and consistent steps towards the recovery of our state of mind and emotions.

Well, in the beginning, it might start with hopes and fears, followed by a lot of attempts and failures – getting up and falling back again. Beginnings are not always an end, and during the process, you build the strength, courage, and gather knowledge to understand the problem, reasons behind the triggers and how you want to approach the foundation again.

The process might make you feel overwhelmed at times, and it might seem unfair to start over and over again. But at the end of the day, slowly and gradually, it would all make sense. Emotional healing is a process and learning to master it is a beginning of a healthy lifestyle.

Amidst the pandemic, we have been overwhelmed with queries on emotional health and well-being. We understand that staying at home has been a task and has meddled with our everyday life, from our eating habits to our sleeping patterns, from our physical health to our mental health, everything seems to be going downhill. But we urge you to stay strong and find a hobby that keeps you occupied. Many people have turned to cooking and art. Flavours and colours can help you bring back happiness. This would be a great step to better Emotional Health.

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