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Time and Importance of seeking help

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Being a human can be hard at times. We were born with feelings and emotions that can take control over our everyday life and our mental wellbeing. Also, accepting that you might be struggling with a mental health issue can be challenging sometimes. Our society is built with a pre-determined conception that anybody with a mental health issue is ‘crazy’ or needs to be taken to the ‘mental hospital’. Even kids joke around this. This is because we have taken Mental Health lightly. We need to understand how serious mental health is and how even the smallest thing can have a huge impact on our everyday lives.

Be it clinically declared mental disorders like-

· Schizophrenia,

· Major depression disorder

· Mood disorder,

· Personality disorder,

· Cognitive disorder etc.


Everyday issues with minor severity like:

· Family problems or relationship problems,

· Coping/suffering from trauma

· Dealing with loss or grief,

· Performance enhancement,

· Feeling stressed,

· Anxiety,

· Feeling unsafe,

· Adjustment issues,

· Suffering from depression

· Dealing with challenges that might escalate into a crisis.

The first step to seeking help is to accept that you are dealing with some mental health issues and come to an acceptance that you need to reach out to someone for help. Once you have accepted that you have a minor or major mental health issue, the process gets comparatively easier and


It might be comforting to know that we are here to help you deal with your mental health issues and are ready to put in the time to help you cope with them. Yes, it is common, real, and treatable. People tend to heal faster when they feel being heard and understood.

We at Happy Hikkups use Art Therapy to help people open up and express how they feel. ‘Art Therapy’ or ‘Talk Therapy’ can have profound benefits. Art Therapy can help with building self-awareness, self-esteem, expressing emotions, improving social skills, reducing stress, anxiety, pain, regain control and personal freedom. Therapy can provide you with healthy habits for self-care. Therapy fosters health, empowerment, and motivation.

Early interventions can reduce the severity of illness. Reach out to us to be your emotional first aid to comfort you for your overall wellness.

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