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Who are Art Therapists?

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Art Therapists are mental health professionals, who use the creative process of art-making to improve and enhance physical, mental, and emotional health. Art Therapists work with individuals seeking emotional growth and self-awareness. An Art Therapist is a skilled professional who is aware of the nature of a human’s development. They are also aware of human psychological theories, clinical practices, multicultural purposes, and artistic traditions. Art Therapists are generally trained to practice the healing power of art by identifying the triggering points for the individual and at the same time, honoring their self-beliefs and their values.

It is scientifically proven that engaging in the process of ‘art as therapy has natural healing and therapeutic effects on mental health. The therapeutic benefits of making art on your own are different from making it under the guidance of an art therapist. This is because, under the art therapist’s guidance, you would be able to understand your thought process, emotions, and your self behavior.

Therapists help the clients to foster self-esteem and self-awareness, cultivate emotional resilience, enhance social skills, and reduce, and resolve conflicts. Counselors work in a collaborative and reciprocating manner with the individual.

How do Art therapists address individuals?

Art Therapists address people individually and also as part of groups in different settings that address mental health or in places like rehabilitation centers, medical and forensic institutions, community outreach programs, wellness centers, and open studios. They also conduct these sessions in schools and nursing homes for children. Employers host these sessions with Art Therapists in Corporate Structures to protect their employees’ mental health. Art Therapy can also be practiced individually with a therapist.

Art Therapist to understand your inner self

These art-guided therapy sessions provide individuals with an opportunity to express themselves, using verbal or non-verbal communication. Therapists understand which art techniques and mediums best address the need and goals of clients and use them accordingly and strategically. Therapists give tasks to improve sensory-motor and cognitive functions. Thus, they will get an insight into what is going on in their inner world.

Art Therapist for Emotional Healing

Art therapy can help you channel your negative emotions and distress. It can also help you understand what is the cause of depression. With the guidance of our art therapist, an individual can increase insight and emotional stability, develop coping skills, work through traumatic experiences, focus on cognitive health, enhance memory and neurosensory abilities, improve interpersonal skills, reinforce positive changes and reinstate the normal functioning of the human mind. The aim here is to help clients to address their inner conflict and alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression to help with Emotional Healing.

Art Therapists at Happy Hikkups

Art Therapists at Happy Hikkups have been skilled and have a strong understanding of expressive art to provide a non-judgemental platform for self-expression. Our ‘Unplug to Unmute Members’ is trained to provide you with a safe space for channeling your energy for a healthy lifestyle.

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